Need Probate in Isle of Man

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Need Probate in Isle of Man

Post by gardenlaw » Fri May 21, 2010 4:10 pm

I need to obtain a Manx Grant to deal with a Zurich investment based in IOM on an estate I am dealing with. Can anyone offer me any guidance and/or if I need a Manx solicitor, details of anyone who could assist?

Many thanks.

It is fairly straightforward.

Write to:
The Registries Building, Probate Office
Deemster's Walk
Bucks Road

for the forms.

Ask the Zurich to agree to allow you to use their office for the Isle of Man address for service required by the Manx probate rules - they agreed without a problem when I asked recently.

You prepare an oath using their standard pre-printed form and exhibit a copy of the English grant of Probate and Will and follow all the instructions in the idiot proof guidance offered by the Manx authorities. There is a fee depending on the size of the estate.

No need for Manx lawyers.

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