Catheter provision. Who pays?

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Catheter provision. Who pays?

Post by gardenlaw » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:02 am

I have come across a situation where the Local Authority refuses to pay for a trained person to fit and refit a catheter. They say it is not nursing care so the individual has to pay. This is a reply from Caroline Bielanska of Solicitors for the Elderly which shows how uneven and unfair the system is. Does anyone have direct similar experience?

"The actual supply of a catheter is the NHS responsibility, provided
the client is assessed as needing it- in the same way that any
continence product is assessed to be provided.

The issue of who provides the care is relevant to who is responsible
for funding. For example, if the client were in a nursing home, this
could either be covered by the RNCC,because a nurse needed to do this
because it was problematic or it would be part of the fees
attributable for the personal care. However no one usually goes to the
effort of trying to be so precise about who does what.

I am assuming the person is being cared for in their own home. There
should be a local policy on integrated continence services in your
area. From this you will see what has been agreed. This like much of
health and social care provision is subject to a post code lottery. By
looking at the local policy you may have more info about the LA
Not wanting to get too political on this- over the years what was
traditionally done by a registered nurse is delegated to non
qualified people such as care assistants. This means that the NHS does
not have to be responsible. There are people living in the community
who required complex tracheotomy care, which is managed by care
assistants, who are trained how to do it. Financially this is the way
it will continue to go and perhaps be speeded up with cutbacks."

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