18 year old and Personal Care at Home Act 2010

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18 year old and Personal Care at Home Act 2010

Post by gardenlaw » Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:04 am

This is a query recieved. Can anyone help?

"I have been reading with interest the Personal Care at Home Act 2010,
however I am trying to understand specifically what impact that might have
on an 18 year old male adolescent with epilepsy, who subsequent to a minor
car accident has had his licence revoked and now must travel to/from work
on four buses daily. I'd like to understand more about what his financial
and support entitlements might consist of. He currently lives on a canal
boat with widowed mother (on low wage) and 13-year old sister. Are you able
to offer any advice on this matter through the discussion board? I'd be
most appreciative."

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