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Post by kobybill » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:46 pm

Hi guys, i appoligise now if i have done this wrong but i am new to any type of topic board.

i have recently moved into a property that was built around 1965. one of the reasons i bought the house was because of the garden. Since moving in i have been told by a neighbour that she logged a complaint to the local council about decking that was built at the top of my garden saying that it invaded her privicy. The garden slopes down into the back of my bungalow at around 45 degrees angle. (this is only a guess). one side is 3 terraced grassed areas and the left at the top terrace the previous owners decked this area out. to be fair the top of the deck is approximatly 1m high from the next level of terraced grassed area. I know that you can only build up to 30cm above ground level.
anyway eventually the local planning came out to inspect and yes they deemed it to be ouside of the permitted building bit. so i agreed to take back to where they said would be a compliant height.

After they left i decided to have a look under the decking to see what i was up against. Now this is the bit i am unsure of. i lifted the from 2 decking boards to find that it has been built on top of an existing terraced wall which by the look of it was placed there when the house was built way back in 65. i measured the height of the decking and it is 28cm from the top of the wall to the top of the decking. I immediatly took photos and sent them to my local planning officer asking this same question. is my decking within the law or would i still be asked to shorten my decking to the aggreed level? this would mean taking back this wall as well? This is something i really do not want to do. If there was no wall in situ i do understand that this is something which i was willing to do.

Please Help!

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