When does garden stop being a garden?

Let everyone have the same pleasure as you derive from your garden -- or perhaps a friends garden
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When does garden stop being a garden?

Post by Nicolac » Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:48 pm

We bought a bungalow on an acrebuilt in 1963. The bungalow is sited central to the plot, one house removed from the outskirsts of a small village without a formal village boundary.

The land was purchased in 1962, and fenced all around inaddition to the hawthorn roadside. The garden was laid to lawn for many years, but the owner loved trees too so planted cherry and fruit trees to help him with the bees he kept.

In the late '80s the old chap died, and the wife left the garden to grow in a more natural way. In 2004 she was taken into a home and died in 2006, and the house remained empty and garden overgrown.

We have been granted planning for just over half of the acre, but planning refer to the remainder as 'countryside' or a 'paddock'.

Why? And how do I go about proving it was and remains a garden?


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