seeds from birch trees are everywhere in our!!!!

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seeds from birch trees are everywhere in our!!!!

Postby paul hannam » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:48 pm

We live on a corner plot , the road which runs up the side of the house has got four well established birch tress , two of them are very close to our property . we didnt realise how messy these trees are before we moved here. One of the trees is halfway up the side of the garden , Throughout the year this tree is always shading part of the garden and also blocks light from coming into the rear of the property also our garden wall opp the tree has a crack down it which we think could be caused by the tree. The biggest problem these trees are causing is the mess the seeds are making inside our house, these seem to fall off around summer time when we need the windows open , They are all over the house even in the beds!! We are having to sweep them up more than once a day. Do we have any rights on getting these trees removed?
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