Ancillary residential purposes

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Ancillary residential purposes

Postby dawn4joe » Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:02 pm

We have built a garage at the bottom of our garden. Planning permission was granted for a double garage/workshop with storage space over. Tragic events have meant that my mother has gone into care and my elderly father has Parkinsons disease and now requires care. We have erected the garage and are in the process of finishing it off. It has not been signed off as yet and would like my father to come and live there. Looking at the clauses on the planning agreement it states
The garage building hereby approved shall be used solely for domestic garaging and/ or ancillary residential purposes and at no time shall the building be used as a separate dwelling or at any time sold away from the dwelling.

Can someone please confirm if we have permission for this to be used as a "grannny annex" as I don't want to ask the council if the answer will be NO!

Many thanks
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