Protection against second and third hand cigarette smoke

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Protection against second and third hand cigarette smoke

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I am a first floor tenant experiencing very unpleasant ingress of strong cigarette smoke through windows and the balcony door when my ground floor neighbour smokes outside close to the property.

I keep doors and windows closed almost always and so the ventilation I get is the little that comes through the gaps. If it were not for the cigarette smoke I would prefer to keep my windows and balcony door open most of the time in good weather. I like to have an airy home. Trying to seal all the gaps would be difficult and likely not terribly effective and would leave me with practically no ventilation at all which in itself is a health risk.

Discussions with my neighbour have, sadly, only made matters worse with her.

My understanding of the law is that she has an absolute right to smoke anywhere in her property and in her garden, no matter the nuisance to me or the effect on my health. This seems to me to be a wrong law and I have written to my MP about this to ask for a change to the law on personal and public health grounds.

If my neighbour smoked in her garden away from the property the nuisance would be greatly reduced, but she rejects this option and chooses to stay close to the house and that is her right as the law stands.

What would help I think would be a U shaped perspex shield fitted on the wall under and at the sides of my windows. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and would my landlords have any obligation to fit them if they exist?

Many thanks

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Re: Protection against second and third hand cigarette smoke

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Sadly the Law is a total Ass in this regard

My friend lives in a semi detached house and the neighbours smoke like chimneys comes through the party wall and is horrendous

Environmental Health just laughed

The woman has just been diagnosed with a "tiny " lung cancer apparently and knowing my frieds luck will survive

Its time the whoke issue and effect on innocent neighbours was sorted
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Re: Protection against second and third hand cigarette smoke

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Could you buy an air purifier? There are all sorts available.
Or use essential oils in a mister.

There is little you can do when you have selfish, thoughtless neighbour.
I do not think the landlord has any obligation to fix such shields though you could ask him if you could have them fitted at your own expense.
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