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House in multiple occupation

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:48 am
by gardenlaw
What is a house in mutiple occupation and what basics should a landlord know?

1.If a property complies with the definition of an HMO in the Housing Act 2004 it will automatically be an HMO - for example using a joint and several tenancy agreement type will not change this

2.Generally a property will be an HMO if three or more unrelated people share living accommodation but this is not the only definition.

3.Not all HMOs need a licnese. Generally this is just where the rented property is a building consisting of three or more storeys and is occupied by five or more tenants in two or more households

4.The licensing requirements vary from Local Authority to Local Authority, as some have applied for additional licensing

5.Always check what the situation is in your area before renting out your property

6.ALL HMOs are subject to the additional management regulations whether or not the property needs licensing so check these out before renting

7.There are also amenity standards which apply to all HMO properties

8.Amenity standards also vary from Local Authority to Local Authority, so this is something else you need to check before you rent.

9.HMO properties are generally more 'hands on' than other types of rented property so be aware of this before you rent.

10.The special regulations for HMOs are in ADDITION to all the other rules that apply to rented properties.