Gardeners World Friday 14th April 2006

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Gardeners World Friday 14th April 2006

Post by despair » Sat Apr 15, 2006 10:17 am

Monty Don very adequately highlighted the crazy situation faced by so many gardeners with the hosepipe ban and the stupid Water Services Act 1991 which allows you to pour hundreds of gallons into a Swimming Pool or Pond or ornamental Fountain and clean your patio with a pressure washer for days on end using 500 gallons an hour

Yet you cant use one drop of water from a hose to water your fruit and veggies to feed your family

Gardening water use accounts for just 1% of all water use

Swimming Pools and Pressure washers,Car Washes,high pressure hoses used to clean buildings will account for way bigger usage and they know it all to well

He also highlighted the highly inflated prices being charged for water butts

Compare a heavy weight black plastic dustbin in Wickes at £6 to a gob smacking £50 for the equivalent gree plastic water butt

Could everyone please email their MP and demand that the MP writes to Secretary of State and ask her to justify the lunacy that deprives gardeners while benefitting the rich with their swimming pools

Clearly the Water Services Act was illogically thought through and makes dismal reading

They have all had years of warning of the drought situation faced in the South yet the Government continue to insist on building more and more houses to house more and more people placing an even greater demand on dwindling supplies

The water companies , Ofwat/Water Consumers Council and DEFRA are all colluding in this piece of legislative CRAP that discriminates against those growing their own fruit and veg and have a large garden or allotment which simply cannot be adequately watered by a watering can no matter how many water butts you can squeeze in

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