can you help me complete this question?

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can you help me complete this question?

Post by 1greenfingers10 » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:19 pm

what is the basic information on legislation and garden law on the listed and the please evaluate to me the influence of legislation on garden design. i tried looking it up and i get to my information and i dont know whats relevant and whats just bogged down not needed information (unless its going to court or something big! please help me i can answer this question unless i put so much in it wont be handed in on the date i mean i already done 20 but i running out of time. all i need is the information.

the is list below, please help me if you got the knowledge.


trees TPO tree preservation orders weed and pests (1959)

plannnig permission and building regulations

the wildlife and countryside act relating to nesting birds and bats (1989)

right to light (1954)(% of light so at night eg u nabor would love beam lights going though the curtains= no so wats the right brightness, see want i mean :idea: )

right of way (footpaths proposed and present ect)

electrical installation (2004)

conservation areas/listed building consent)

(Electric wiring)

look i put it in the way the question asks it BTEC SO BLAME THEM (3 parts)

a) produce a cheak list of areas within the site affected by identivied current legislation. (hens all so if there was a path runing though the garden and the pubic had the right of way to walk on it i have to name that legislation with and other eg i wanted the cut back a tree (is it protected) and tick it with the legislation eg trees TPO tree preservation orders weed and pests.

b) now this is the long bits = Outline the legislation identified above.
so a little information on the so a Summery on all non ticked and ticked legislation.

c) the worst = Evaluate the influence of legislation on garden design
Evaluate =how does it work! so how does it influence of legislation on garden design!!

i done most of the legislation but not the ones i listed on above so when i say all i mean 9!!

this is wats in the garden i underline what i think could be influence to legislation. so i ticked and crossed but B part i cant find a summery only 20 pages long or somethimg stupied and c i can evalute cos i can find a soummery and i dont know how to evaluate the 9. :evil: :!:

Purple slate chippings for the path
Circular slate slabs
Ostrya virginiana (ironwood) benches
Brick patio(building Permission right )
Stainless steel lawn edges
Stainless steel pole water feature
Stainless steel lighting
Stainless steel raised beds
Stainless steel poled hammock
Shed (building Permission for concrete floor? Right?? )
Stainless steel and brick barbeque
Wood chippings
Rolling water feature (Kugel)
Rock water feature (hill of rocks) (it has a pump so pipes and wires

moon gate (so round gate)
hedges lawn
plants (thats in the list hmmm :roll: )
in country side (wild life)
large Neighbouring trees (next door)

ps i come from somerset, Bath (ENGLAND) so the legislation are english. :!:

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Post by despair » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:36 pm

I suggest you spend some time researching the lot on the net not trying to pick our brains on what amounts to an Encyclopeadia

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