Request to members

Request to members

Postby Alan Harris » Fri Feb 25, 2005 1:25 am

Dear Members

I hesitate to limit anything members may wish to enter as posts, however I have a request for members and guests.

Usually when new topics are raised the respondants give varied advice to the poster without too much thought that it may then be implimented by the poster to deal with real problems. Often replies to postings appear authoritative but are little more than opinion. Please avoid misleading the questioners by being clear what you are offering as expert advice and what you are merely offering as unverified opinion. Do not forget that if the questioners take bad advice (thinking it good advice) they may end up in court costing themselves serious money in legal costs and fines or even starting neighbour disputes which blight the sale of the house. :idea:

Many thanks for any extra care taken :)


Alan Harris
Alan is a consulting engineer specialising in subsidence, tree roots, soils and party wall surveying.
Alan Harris
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