Land Registry: Chain Matrix

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Land Registry: Chain Matrix

Post by Angelisle » Fri Apr 13, 2007 4:58 pm

Land Registry: Chain Matrix Prototype- the easy way to view your property chain

House buyers and sellers across England and Wales are now able to view their chain electronically following the launch of Land Registry's new Chain Matrix system as a prototype in Bristol, Fareham and Portsmouth.

Chain Matrix is a dedicated website which tracks the progress of a chain of residential property transactions starting with the issue of contracts through to exchange and completion. The system will enable users to log on and see exactly where they are in the chain, and if there are any problems. Fixing a date for everyone to move will also be easier, as Chain Matrix includes a completion calendar, for agreeing what's convenient with all the parties in the chain.

To date, over 240 branches of solicitors, conveyancers and estate agents have volunteered to take part in the prototype, which is due to last for six months. Training was completed on 22 March, enabling almost 1000 potential users at solicitors' offices to log in to Chain Matrix.

A dedicated Chain Matrix New Business Team will continue to be available to help participants in the prototype. Part of their role will include gathering feedback from customers about their experiences in using Chain Matrix. This will help shape e-conveyancing services offered on a national basis in the future.

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