Garden flooding

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Garden flooding

Post by mudwrangler » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:25 pm

Hi all, i was wondering if you would be able to help with an issue i am having with flooding in my back garden.

I live about half way down a hill which is on heavy clay and get on quite well with both my neighbors. Unfortunately every time it rains i struggle with my garden getting waterlogged, unfortunately during the summer months the garden is also very dry (the gardens either side do not struggle with flooding but have not implemented any french drains etc). Both gardens either side have raised the beds (the house to the right of me and lower down the hill in a far more extreme way to the house to the left). Furthermore, the house to the right of me also has a soakaway (on heavy clay) for his garage right on the edge of our border.

I am hesitant to add a french drain as this will surely make the dry ground issue in the summer a bigger problem. I cannot help but feel the soakaway (which is angled to drain onto my garden due to the extent he has built up his garden) and this built up garden are all contributing to the problem. The person in question is in his late 80's and i don't think he has done this maliciously, i suspect a relative has probably done this by accident.

Since i do get on well with them i am hesitant to cause problems, would i be well within my right to ask them to move/remove the soakaway (i doubt this would have required planning permission or followed any type of building regulations)? Or can you think of any other solutions that i could implement to perhaps sort this problem?

(i am hesitant to raise the borders myself as that seems a bit like just shifting the problem elsewhere, also i have tried to "break" the clay pan on my relatives suggestion and seem to have hit the water table about 5 1/2 foot down.)

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

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