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Hello All,

I am a producer at Mentorn, one of the UK’s leading independent television production companies, and we are currently developing a new Channel 4 series trying to resolve neighbourhood disputes.

We are aware of the scale and upset caused by boundary dispuites and would like to let you know about the series.

The programme we are making would give you the opportunity put your side of the story and would work towards a situation where all parties can live side by side amicably. It will be presented by a neighbourhood dispute expert (who is a trained government-approved mediator) and who has an excellent knowledge of law and success rate in sorting out disputes.

I hope the programme and our expert’s guidance would provide a safe environment to get things sorted out.

I would appreciate it very much if you could contact me, Michelle on my direct line 020 7258 6807 so I could explain more about the series and hear your views on the situation in full. Alternatively you can email me I can reassure you that any conversation will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Kind regards,

Michelle Crowley

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