Land Levels

Land Levels

Postby Easygoing » Thu Mar 24, 2005 6:33 pm

I have a paddock that is bordered by our neibours garden over a distance of 30 m on one side. They are building an extention and have also decided to do some landscaping (leveling the land as previous owner had some large mounds of soil dumped on the property).
They decided to spead the excavated soil and mounds and the result has been an increase in the natural land level by over 1.2m whereby the land is now level or above our paddock fence line. There is a few metres gap where the land slopes down to the fence but only because there is a tree line (the land registry border) that prevented the soil being pushed right up to the fence itself. This also means the soil is 1.2 m above the natural root level of the tree border.
Is there any regulation or control to prevent or reverse the actions taken by our neibour?
Naturally we are not looking to run-up solicitors bills, but we do feel it can't be correct to raise the level of your land to this extent above existing boundary fencing, etc.
Any advice welcome - thanks
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Postby Danny » Tue Mar 29, 2005 2:00 am

Because the neighbours garden overlooks a Paddock it's not easy to claim loss of privacy. I suggest you have a word with your local planning officer to see if anything can be done. I have known enforcement to take place on the grounds that it changed the natural water level. Where does the water go that runs off their land. I would also be concerned as to what, if anything is holding this earth back?
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