Changing our wall to a fence

Changing our wall to a fence

Postby pianist52 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:55 pm

Hi, We are owners of a terraced house which we let out. The wall we own is becoming unstable and we had some quotes for replacing it. Cost is really high for brick wall, and 1/3 cheaper to put up concrete posts and fence panels.
Traditionally these houses in Manchester were all separated by brick, but now one or two have fences, and many have badly patched and mismatched brick.
We have spoken to neighbour and she would prefer a wall - no very persuasive reason, but she is an older person and it's understandable.
Her house is part-owned by Housing Association and we've written to them but got no reply.
From all I've read there is nothing legally to stop us replacing with whatever material we like - is that correct? Obviously if we could afford it we'd probably go with brick but it's expense out of all proportion in a small backyard.
Please could you confirm we can go ahead and just try to maintain relations with neighbour.
Thanks a lot
landlady and neighbour
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