Neighbour has cut down trees

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Neighbour has cut down trees

Post by sprinta » Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:58 pm

I visited my brother, who is a partially disabled person, to find that his neighbour has cut down several trees that were fully within his boundary.

The debris/rubbish has been left on my brother's property and he is now left with untidy and unsightly stumps. (Have tried to attach a photo, but is not clear how to do that)

There was no prior discussion and no permission was sought or given.

His reason was that sap was falling on his car, an issue that had never previously been raised.

It is my understanding that such action is criminal damage? My brother and myself have previously had a good relationship with the neighbours and do not wish to have a major rift, but their actions and the way they have left the property is not acceptable.

I have written to them expressing our dissatisfaction and at this stage advised them that they must, at their own expense, have the stumps fully removed and the trees replaced. They have also been asked to immediately remove the rubbish that has been left.

If that fails what should we do?

Report the matter to the police for criminal damage, which will surely destroy any future neighbourly co-operation, have the work done and send them the bill or go through the small claims court?

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