Just Suppose (Party Wall Q)

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Just Suppose (Party Wall Q)

Post by FrTed » Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:59 pm

Neighbour 1 had an extension built to their semi detatched house - this meant the demolition of an existing porch which was the party wall and the building of an extension dog legged by about 12 inches into their land.

The result is that part of a flat roof (12 inches wide) and the old porch wall still exist and were built onto with the new extension. The remaining walls and footings are well within the property boundary.

At the time Neighbour 1 was told that they could go ahead with construction by the architect and that the party wall agreement was in place.

Turns out that Neighbour 2 has never signed a PWA (and didnt know they existed) - so 3 years down the line can he object or is he given to have had his chance at the time (estoppel?) and that time for objection has passed?

Neighbour 2 wants to know because there are a couple of small fractures in the brickwork but these are on Neighbour 1's side of the boundary and may be caused by the works or by settlement.
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