Boundry issue

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Boundry issue

Post by dun kirk » Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:03 pm

There is a 2x5m tip to our front of our garden which runs right up to the neighbours wall. We've not been that bothered so verbally agreed to them planting plants on this section. We also chopped down trees to let more light in their back garden, likewise they were going to break through the fence. They agree that any changes they were happy with as it was our land.

They now want to put an extension over looking this plot. At the narrowest point a 1.4m clearance, to a fence with large established trees. From the roadside... basically anyone would assume it was their land. If built they will probably ask for the other trees to be cut down, and start acting like they own the 2x5m plot.

The previous owners I vaguely remember proposed the same thing, when we asked to share legal costs to confirm boundries they dropped it. Should I do the same here?


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