Boundary Fence and Wall

Boundary Fence and Wall

Postby Poppit24 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:08 pm

We have had a couple of disputes with our neighbours regarding the boundary wall which they are responsible for. (Both properties are detached)

When we moved in they were builidng an extension at the rear of their house, the plans showed they had to be 3 meters away from the boudary so the extension was built and shows it not straight with the main house. They replaced the boundary fence at the same time (within weeks of us moving in).

We want to have block paving done to our driveway and front garden. We offered to put in a new wall at the front which was accepted. The problem we have is they are not happy with the wall (height design etc), as the dispute has gone on we have looked through our plans and old plans of the land and noticed that there is a measurement of 2ft from their house to the boundary fence and we have measured it and it is nearly 3 metres. As we have paid for the wall and it seems to be on our land, how can we prove it??? Is our plan legal?? It looks like that before we moved in they put the fence up and took a metre of land from the front to the back of the boundary. :evil:
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