Boundary issue??

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Boundary issue??

Post by stewil007 » Wed May 23, 2012 8:46 pm


hope you can help, i'll try and explain as best i can the layout of the land and the situation i am potentially facing and what i need to do.

Firstly, i am planning on putting a fence in on the left hand side and end of my back garden, the right hand side (neighbour B) was already there when i moved in 5 years ago. This would mean removing a hedge from the left hand side - this shouldn't be an issue if discussions with my neighbour (A)are anything to go by. The problem would appear to be the bottom of the garden, where our other neighbour (C) has trees the width of his garden as a barrier.

This is where it gets tricky, so i'll explain as best i can

Looking at the Land Registry plan, the boundary should be straight across the back of myself and both my neighbours (A & B) gardens, but Neighbour C appears to have encroached onto mine and neighbour A's land. Neighbour D ( behind neighbour B) has already fenced off his land and appears to be where the land reigstry plan says it should be.

If i erect a fence without moving his trees, then it will be a quite an angle to join up with B's fence, i would guess he has gained about 4 or 5 square meters of land.

The other matter is that if his trees are the boundary, then i will likely cause them quite a lot of damage (roots) when putting in the concrete posts.

Whats my course of action or do i accept it as it is? Like i say, its been this way since i moved in 5 years ago

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