end of garden boundary

end of garden boundary

Postby kellie91 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:02 pm

As with most people on here we have issues with our neighbour on a regular basis. The most recent is that at the bottom of our garden we have a gate and there is a small path than runs along the back of the houses, then there are some trees planted and then the road for the close behind, the trees used to go all the way along but we cleared an area so we could get directly through to the road behind our property. As the only access to our garden is directly through the house we have been taking the wheelie bin round the back for the rubbish etc. The neighbour is complaining that it blocks her way out (she's using the access that we made (there is only one other house past ours so if it wasn't there she would have to go down the path the other way). On a separate matter I rang the cancel to ask if they could cut back the trees as they are blocking all the light and was informed that these were a hedgerow boundary for the railway and became the boundary of hte housing development and now were the responsibility of the adjoining land owner (which is good as it means we can trim the tree ourselves), but this set me thinking and I checked the boundary on the deeds and the boundary of our house goes right back to the road with no ROW - does this mean I am perfectly entitled to block her off cutting across and make her go round?

THanks in advance.
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