BoundaryChanged at L.R. w/o landowners knowledge

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BoundaryChanged at L.R. w/o landowners knowledge

Post by sunshiner23 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:58 pm

It seems that L.R. (Land Registry) have moved a boundary into my land without my knowledge.
A neighbouring property is 2 weeks from being sold, and since the current owner of that property has caused two separate legal cases lasting 16 months over a shared access driveway, I applied for copies of the LR docs to verify that the two previous legal cases had not affected the doc's held with LR.
On inspection of LR's plan of the neighbouring property, it appeared that a boundary which was previously a line with a step in it, had become a straight line! even though the same LR number plan document had a distinct step in it 6 years ago.
The step in the boundary line represents over 1 1/2 metres of land for at least 40 mtrs, which is vital to my property's drive access; this is not acceptable to me, even though I'd be delighted to have new reasonable and sensible neighbours so have no desire to delay the imminent property sale.
I sold the neighbouring property almost 7 years ago and know the exact measurements of boundaries because I drew them up on a graph paper and insisted it formed part of the conveyance doc's, so the measured plan together with a another plan formed part of the TP1 at the time of the sale.

I’ve raised this discrepancy issue with LR: they are investigating my query when they have retrieved documents from off-site storage.
As soon I discovered the boundary discrepancy, last week, I wrote to the agents selling the neighbouring property asking them to inform the legal representatives doing the conveyancing that a dispute exists, that is not resolved.
No acknowledgement or response from my letter to the agent has arrived, and I have now been advised to write again, sending the letter recorded delivery.
Does anyone on here have any knowledge of similar cases? or any advise on how to deal with this issue?

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