Retaining wall / Raised decking?

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Retaining wall / Raised decking?

Post by harryspotter » Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:58 pm

Hi, I am in the process of buying a new build house. The house is built on a slope and backs onto open fields/Countryside.

The garden has a flat area part patio part grass, this then slopes down to another flattinsh area and then slopes again . The problem is that if you walk to the edge of the flat grassed area it then goes down a steep slope / ditch to the boundary wall, the boundary wall is at a much greater angle than the garden so if you start at the left hand side the flat garden is at the same height as the wall as you move right along the wall, the garden remains level but the wall slopes down, this is where the ditch starts appearing. When you get to the end of the first level of grassed area the height of the wall is below the height of the level garden by approx 1m.

Looking at the plans, the height of the wall is about right.

What I would like to do is build up the ditch area to get rid of the ditch.

My ideas are

1. Increase the height of the dry stone wall then backfill - 2 issues with this are that its costly and I can't be 100% sure that the existing wall is strong enough to build up to cope with the additional backfill.

2. Build a retaining wall maybe wood inside the drystone wall then backfill

3. Build a raised deck over the ditch which is then level with the normal flat garden.

Finish either of these ideas with glass balustrades to keep the views.

I have added a picture here to give you more of an idea


Assuming I find the person who owns the adjacent field and they have no issues with either of these. Do you know if I would need PP or BR?


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