adverse possesion on commercial property

adverse possesion on commercial property

Postby andy j » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:57 am

Ive, had a look through previous posts but cant seem to find an answer,
I have just bought a commercial property at auction and found that a neighbours fence encroaches about 4 feet on to mine, it is fairly plain to see as the fence line shown on the deeds come straight off the corner of a building.
Generaly to be honest I would not be to bothered but this extra space would be useful as it would mean the single drive way could be used by 2 way traffic, therefore could be parked on.
The fence appears to have been there for a number of years (probably around 10).
Am I right in saying that he cannot claim AP because commercial properties work different, do they have to register with LR to claim this.

Any advice would be welcome
andy j
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Re: adverse possesion on commercial property

Postby Collaborate » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:10 am

Land is land. Commercial property is no different to residential when it comes to AP.

It would be for the neighbours to prove 12 years occupation. I think in this situation Google Streetview can be your friend. Have you looked at the old pictures on there?

Have a look at this practice guide: ... tered-land

See how it applies to your case. They'd have to apply under the 10 year rule. You object, but then you have 2 years to have them evicted, otherwise they become the registered proprietors.
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