buying land

buying land

Postby teddybear581 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:30 pm

Hi, we moved into our house 30 years ago and what we thought was the back boundary of the garden, which backs onto woods ,was fenced off and had mature plants in front of this fence.
a couple of years later we decided to slightly level the part closest to the fence and pave it to provide a playing area for the children. While doing this my neighbour said that this land did not belong to us but was owned by the house builders, but had been fenced off and used by the house since almost the time the house was built
we contacted the owners by telephone and they said they were quite happy for us to do the work and offered to give us the land free If we paid the legal costs as they can never build on the woodland.
It turned out two other neighbours have the same "boundary fence" and so they wanted us all to do it at the same time. One of the neighbours didnt want the expense so we couldnt go ahead and just continued to use the land as before.
New neighbours moved in next door a couple of years ago and when he discoved the situation about the gardens we decided to try and get the land sorted again. He is a surveyer and he had worked with the landowers so he dealt with them To cut a long story short we didnt get any real anwers and they didnt reply to phone calls and never replied to any emails we sent.
Do we have any right to try and claim the land?
I live in Scotland
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