Boundary on Shared Driveway

Boundary on Shared Driveway

Postby Fredricks » Fri May 05, 2017 10:58 pm

I am hoping for some shared thoughts on a current issue I find myself with, I live in a semi detached house, both houses have a small garden to the front and then there is a shared drive / allocated parking are for each house at the end of my front garden and cutting into a little of my neighbours front garden, they are I believe allocated parking spaces with one side owned by my neighbour and the other one owned by myself, there is no division between the two and its basically a piece at the foot of the gardens with tarmac on off the public road for us each to park a car on. Now heres the issue I need any thoughts on, my drive is the nearest one and my neighbours is the one further away, on the other side of the shared driveway is council owned grassed open area. Now then on the outer edge of the allocated parking area separating our parking areas from the council owned field there is a row of tall conifer trees, these provide cover and privacy from the field and main road that is close to our properties. My neighbour wants to cut down the trees altogether and states that he owns the trees as they are on the edge of his allocated parking area on the shared driveway. I was of the opinion that any boundary trees on a shared driveway belonged to both parties and not just the one whose allocated ownership side they fell on. I would be most grateful for your thoughts on this matter as I really want to keep the trees in place as they provide a great barrier from the main road and council owned field. Many thanks for any thoughts you can share.
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Re: Boundary on Shared Driveway

Postby Collaborate » Fri May 05, 2017 11:28 pm

No one who hasn't seen the deeds and the title plan could possibly comment on this. Seriously.
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Re: Boundary on Shared Driveway

Postby arborlad » Sun May 07, 2017 8:07 am

Fredricks wrote: I was of the opinion that any boundary trees on a shared driveway belonged to both parties and not just the one whose allocated ownership side they fell on.

The trees belong to whoever's land they are growing in, from what you've posted this is most likely to be your neighbour.

The trees may have some protection if they have a TPO or you are in a conservation area, also this time of year the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Why does the neighbour wish to fell them?...........if they are encroaching on his parking area could you offer to fund any works required.
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Re: Boundary on Shared Driveway

Postby jdfi » Sun May 07, 2017 10:07 am

Do you fancy doing a sketch (and uploading the image file via any of the Public image services (think there's a sticky on this somewhere).

Not at all clear what is where.
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