Preventing Adverse Possession

Re: Preventing Adverse Possession

Postby arborlad » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:48 pm

Morgan Sweet wrote:Yes it may have been, however things have now changed. I now own the field (and the problem). Conveyancing Solicitor and now Chartered Surveyor both have confirmed to me that the physical fence is not where the LR boundary is. Problem is the neighbour says he had an agreement to place it where he did with the previous owner at the time of the sale. I do not know if this carries any weight or not, have got conflicting advice. Have asked to see agreement for over 6 months and have yet to see it.

Many problems will have different facets and take various twists and turns before (hopefully) reaching a satisfactory conclusion, it's almost always best to keep them under the umbrella of one thread which contains all the background and history to the problem, and, just as importantly, those with the expertise who responded to your original thread will get an e-mail alert when it takes another twist or gets updated. It's rarely helpful to start a new thread about the same piece of land - even if it has changed hands.
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