Moving Fence out

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Moving Fence out

Post by jon1900 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:02 pm

Hello, I've recently purchased an end terrace property (leasehold) and to the side of the house is a 12 foot unfinished lane, 8foot of which is within my boundry. I was wondering whether it's worth me buying the freehold or not in the future(currently has 900+ years remaining on it with <£6 anual ground rent) The only reason I would want to buy the freehold is to move my fence out into the 12 foot but I don't think that will be possible.

Below are links to images showing my intention and to my deeds which mentions the right of way. My understanding from that is that I won't be able to move my fence out, opinions?

Proposed poition of fence(red) with 4foot passage market blue
https://i.imgur. com/DUAserF.png

Plot - Bottom corner shows a garage which belonged to this property which was removed years ago not sure of date
'https://i.imgur. com/mgSda7y.jpg

Deed -
https://i.imgur. com/sayWg7b.jpg

Just wanted other peoples opinions if they thought this would ever be possible or if it's just a pipe dream

Thanks :)

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