Outbuilding window invading privacy

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Re: Outbuilding window invading privacy

Post by jonahinoz » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:19 am

Hi Joanella,

I bought a building plot. The next door neighbour had an "unfortunate" manner, which I ignored, and he gave up. One day he told me that he tended to upset people. I replied "Yes, you do tend to be abrasive".

"Abrasive? Abrasive? Yeah, I like that!" and he dashed indoors to tell his wife ....smiling as he went.

I like Mac. He frequently gives good advice, which I don't always agree with. He speaks his mind, which I feel gives me the right to reply in kind. He doesn't seem to take offence, so I assume we have a good working relationship. My father was Yorkshire's answer to Alf Garnett, so I know when to wind my neck in. On the other hand, when being put in my place by my SWMBO (she hates that) I often agree profusely with what she is saying ... "Yes Darling, your father was right, I'm not good enough for you!" It drives her wild. :twisted:

Mac (if we are still friends), those guidance notes were for extensions too. But you might be right about PD giving exemption (I'll check).

John W

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