Boundary dispute

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Boundary dispute

Post by pilavas719 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:45 pm

Hello All,

I have posted about my issue before but It's been a while and nothing has progressed. I moved in last July 2016 and my neighbour moved in his in 2008. Both our title plans shows a line in running in the middle of our two properties. On the ground however shows a different layout. The wooden fence it laid giving me more of the land and he has around 3 feet and I have around 6 feet due to the Garage that was built a long time ago.

Having spoken to the previous owner who is now in his 80s and lived there since 1966 says the boundary was always like that since he built his garage and has the planning permission paperwork dated 1966 to prove it.

Now my neighbour being the slimy piece of **** that he is decided to remove part of the fence and dug a trench the day after I moved in when I questioned him he quickly took out the title plan to show where the boundary is supposed to be, before buying the house I read up a bit about boundaries and general house buying thing you should do. But my neighbour insisted the boundary should be what is on the title plan map. Since last year and now I have appointed a solicitor and surveyor with both being in my favour and my neighbour still refusing to accept the evidence in front of him he wrote to me requesting a joint survey which I just told him to appoint his own and we can then compare evidence.

My recent chat with him has been very unproductive with him urging me to take him to court I actually have him on video telling me to go to court which leads me to believe that he feels I won't fight over the small strip of land and basically he wins and takes the land.

I have never dealt with such a person but having had solicitors write him letters and get a surveyor report sent to him I feel I have no other choice but to go court as If I don't stop him now he will just take more of my boundary down and more of my land.

I am at whits end trying to convince him he is wrong.

The previous owner has been very helpful and provided me with historical photos dating back to 1985 and also an affidavit, he is also willing to come to court as a witness if needed. Sorry to bore all of you with this but this forum has been extremely helpful in the dispute I'm going through.

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Re: Boundary dispute

Post by Collaborate » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:04 pm

I presume you're not seeking advice, as you don't ask for any and you have a solicitor. Please do update us as your case progresses.

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Re: Boundary dispute

Post by arborlad » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:13 pm

arborlad confuses people

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