shared guttering one down pipe but no drain

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shared guttering one down pipe but no drain

Post by suzyQ » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi everyone. I have just come across this great site.

Really sorry if going over old ground (pun intended), but would like to run this by you all, and look for an updated response.

I have recently bought an old mid victorian terrace house, in a row of 5. Sloping down from left to right. At the front of The two houses to my left their guttering leads into mine (which is cast iron old), therefore I take 3 houses worth of rainwater down one down pipe, which is on my garden. The houses is a full renovation so nothing has been done for years and years. The rainwater has no where for it to drain to, apart from it pools at the bottom of the garden path. This is about 3 metres from the doorway.

The garden path unfortunately is all cracked and over the years the rain water just soaks in,if left or it has to be brushed onto the pavement then onto the road, which is not ideal. Even if the pavement was relaid and a better slope for the water to pool onto the pavement. I have been told it is against the law to put water on the pavement, although I am not putting the rain water their myself.

I realise having read a few posts that the neighbours probably have a right to channel the rainwater into my guttering and down pipe. The neighbours do know that I have no where for the rain water to go to, but they have said it is my problem as the down pipe is on my property. (They have no downpipes, apart from the first house round the corner to his, he does have a drain).

I could tap into the Highways drain, (no water company drains near) which would require the pavement dug up, but this will be very expensive, if they will allow it anyway and unfortunately I am too close to the house for a soak away, have a small cottage garden. I could apply for special circumstances to Building Control but I, along with everyone else thinks it is too much water to take for one house.

I am unsure how to proceed with this. I really would like them to have their own downpipes, but they would have to do their own soak away, their garden a tiny bit longer than mine, and sure if will be all relative to the amount of rainwater for the size of soak away? I don't think this will go down well at all. The old lady next door has already said 'nothing to do with us', your problem!

Can I ask them to help with costs if I have to do some sort of soak away, or ask them to take their own rainwater, especially the one to my left who links theirs into mine at the back of the property. They would have to tilt the guttering up hill for it go travel to the end house drain round the corner? Is that a good consideration?

I know I won't be able to just cap' theirs off !

I think my cast iron guttering is more than suitable for my property, the problem is where it goes from the downspout, over the years it has been going under the doorway, and as said in the garden path, affecting the footings.

It is difficult with the neighbours as it is, so am I best off trying to do something and carry on taking their rainwater or in this day and age with climate change ;), should they take this into consideration and sort their own?

I may consider a water butt and let the excess drain down the pathway, but only really for my rainwater.
It wouldn't be a good selling point if you have to walk through the pool of water at the gate!

Cant see anything in the deeds .

I also take the rainwater at the back of the property, where the guttering is not sufficient for all the 3 rainwater houses. There is a drain however. The house again to my right, has down a single extension and left no room for a down pipe, and put a bit extra guttering sloping down onto mine, so I take his rainwater, which think is not acceptable. Am I within my rights if you have an extension, would something have been put in the Party Wall when building it to allow for rainwater. This house seems to take it all. Can I say to them if you want to carry on with linking the rainwater into mine, you will have to buy guttering capable of taking the full load?

Stressful this house business.

Any advice offered I would appreciate it. :D

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Re: shared guttering one down pipe but no drain

Post by despair » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:56 am

The neighbour with the extention should have provided his own downpipe and means of drainage
Doubt he has any right to drain into yours

i would be looking at old areial photos in library or local history society to see if other downpipes existed as its totally unfair that 5 drain only into yours and are causing foundation damage

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Re: shared guttering one down pipe but no drain

Post by jdfi » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:55 am

I would relay the path as it was, which would have directed the rainwater to the highway, and argue that you aren't changing anything, you're simply putting back what was there when it was new.

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Re: shared guttering one down pipe but no drain

Post by suzyQ » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:05 pm

Apologies for long delay in replying. Car broke down, snow etc.! Great.

Thanks Despair.
I have managed to look at some old photos, and it does look like the two houses to my left have no down pipe, and it is just mine with the down pipe. The end house does seem to have a down pipe and drain round the back/side of his house. ofcourse though when the houses were built, and there houses added on, the volume of rain water probably wasn't an issue, and not been sorted until now. The back of the property where they have done their extension however, I cannot see pictures properly but as you have said, they should make provisions for their own down pipe, so will address the back situation separately. I take it I am within my rights to do this?

Thanks yes, I will relay the path so that I have a better angle to flow onto the path, let the rain water make its way over the path to the road side. However, the Highways have said this is illegal to do this! I have a wooden gate post, so would have to change it to metal, otherwise the bottom of the post will stop the flow, and rot the wood! I am concerned that many walkers, all walk past and may end up complaining if my rain water pooling onto the pavement, and they have to walk through, or worse, like now if it snows and ices over?! Also if/when come to sell , this will not be a good selling point if they come when it's raining!.

I think I will try ask the neighbours to understand my predicament, that I cannot take all their rain water, can they see willing? to sort themselves out?. This I already know with immediate next doors will not go down well. The house to my right, I have already asked them to lift their guttering up so does not flow into mine. They cannot complain about this, as their guttering is going up hill.

I will stress to them that it has affected the foundations over the years. Immediate next doors to left did say ' well we all have damp', so will need to get my wording right, as this will be difficult!

Thanks again for your help :)

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