shared sewer - how to get it fixed

shared sewer - how to get it fixed

Postby chickenwatcher » Sun Apr 10, 2005 12:41 pm

anyone know how to get a shared drain (sewer) fixed? We live in a mid-terraced house and the sewer (2 meters into the garden) floods about once per 2 years (only in our garden) and we want it fixed. Our neighbours don’t want to spend any money. The sewer pipe is 70 years old and has lots of roots growing through it (the drain people say), in either (or both) our garden and/or the garden next-door down-drain. There is an added problem in that this property next door (owned by an offshore person, the house is let) has a building over the drain, possibly built without permission.
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Postby despair » Sun Apr 10, 2005 2:59 pm

Shared drain is shared responsibility and your neighbour cannot just wriggle out of it because it suits

Is there an easement in the deeds for it ?

Your Insurance companys often cover drains especially when there are roots in them

Otherwise theres a "Local Authority Section" I dont know the law number for it .........but it means that if a foul drain/sewer is blocked you can report it to the LA and if its still blocked after 48 hours the LA can come and clear it and split the cost between both users

Why not check to see if your insurance covers it and if not get a quote for clearing the roots and lining the drain to get a big company like
Drainage UK and then inform your neighbours that they will be liable for half the costs and sue them in the Small claims court if they dont cough up
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