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1) download a copy of your neighbours deeds from Land Registry site 4 pounds a set and see if they are required to permanantly maintain the fence

2)They have full responsibility to restrain their dog within their own property and they are resposible for any damage thats done by their dog or by their loose panels

3) when faced with neighbours like these you either need to install your own fence your side of the boundary ..........this could be a grotty tarpaulin painted all colours of the rainbow their side or just a chainlink fence or even palletts secured together or corrugated iron

If you decide to shell out and put in a good fence remember that your neighbours cannot lean anything againsr it , cannot paint it , cannot attach anything to it , cannot grow ivy or any other climbing plants up it

also remember that 2 metres is max height above ground level

So be as creative or difficult as you wish depending on your budget and what kind of effect you want to create on your neighbours

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Neighbours failure to maintain boundary.

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I have been looking into boundary disputes myself, and unfortunately, if there is no provision in their title deeds saying that they have to maintain the boundary, they don't have to. there is no provision in the law for this.

As a dog owner though, I cannot understand why they haven't taken neccessary steps to ensure their dog and public safety. This is infact against the law, as it is negligence. Perhaps you could talk to the R S P C A, especially if you are concerned about your chlidrens welfare.

If you do decide to erect your own fence, you could be facing a similar problem to my own.

The citizens advice bureau has a web site with useful information on it.
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