Tree gowing over Boundary

Tree gowing over Boundary

Postby JJohn » Fri Apr 15, 2005 4:23 pm

I have posted this again in the hope that someone will please help me.

I wonder if anyone can help me, my rear garden boundary on one side is marked by metal posts with a wire strand. My neighbour on the other side has a large cyprus tree that when planted some 30 years ago was 1ft from the boundary on he's side. I was informed of this by the previous owner of my property
Over the years the tree's trunk has split into three trunks and has grown very large and is now around 6 feet in circumference and has encroached over my boundary by around 18 inches or more, there are also a number of roots that are growing away from the tree as well and this causes me trouble as I use a wheelchair and they are preventing me using this area of my garden.

I have tried to speak to my neighbour but he became very loud and started shouting to leave him and he's tree alone.
Can anyone please help with with what options I have.
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Postby Danny » Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:35 am

Have you tried posting your problem under the trees forum headed, tree roots causing problem's.

I don't think your problem has an easy answer. If the root's are causing problems on your land then this may be seen as a nuisance. however, I belive there is a requirment for damage before action in the case of nuisance. Have you thought of seeking help from the Citizen's Advice bureau or do you have legal expense insurance. you may also want to check and see if your home/house insurance offers a free legal help line.

Has the tree root's damaged a path, paving, wall or hard standing area?
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