The Plot Thickens!

The Plot Thickens!

Postby Mac » Fri May 20, 2005 10:53 am

Hey all

I am having a boundary dispute, full details here:

As an overview, my new neighbour fenced of a 6x6meter chunk of my garden and made up some cock and bull story about it being his. This is at the bottom of the garden making his garden an L shape and shortening mine. He claims he let the previous owners use this area and he has just replaced the fence where one originally stood. Total fiction which i have a signed statement from the previous owners to disprove but he seems to want to take this to court anyways so...

Anyway, as it would happen it looks like they have previously taken a garden path that is on the right hand side of their garden but that should be on the left hand side of ours. Our garden kind of crooks in at the top a little but previosly the whole boundary has been changed and seeing as we are already in a bust up wiht them, we want the path back. (We would never have wanted this bit if this conflict was never kicked off but as it is, we may as well take what is ours)

Now, does anyone know how we stand re this as the path has been this way for sometime, i dont know how long though, it does not look like its twelve years old to me but i dont know. + I have a friend who's father is a property guy and he says the twelve year boundary rule is a thing of hte past from last year and only now stands where the persons have a signed legal document stating the boundary change from before the law changed.

Anyone know anything about this or have any info they can chip in and provide us with?

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