Fence move.

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Fence move.

Post by Algeron45 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:41 pm

Very difficult to get the police to prosecute over a property dispute or criminal damage. I know this as had my garage bricks destroyed by neighbour pulling a fence posts off the wall with the bolts in place and as soon as I mentioned it was with our solicitors the police refused to prosecute. Saying its a civil matter. Rain water from his structures roof built against our garage wall forcing its way through our walls every time it rains. We asked him to sort the roof with an upstand and got loads of abuse and get yourself a solicitor.

For our trouble we came home one evening to find he had extended his fence onto his open area along the full length of our driveway causing a breach of covenant. Worse for us as the fence panels are sitting on our driveway and attached to our garage and we know its a trespass and causing an obstruction.

We are coming to the conclusion that its taking too long to resolve so we may take things into our own hands. Worth the risk than have the frustration.

We know insurance companies or a solicitor will not take on the case for next door and very unlikely a judge will remove a covenant that hundreds of homes have signed up too. The worse that can happen is damaging a fence that wasn't meant to be their.

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Re: Fence move.

Post by Collaborate » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:19 am

Do you have any coherent question to ask? This is the second thread of yours I've seen and neither leads anywhere.

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