fence rotted by next door

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fence rotted by next door

Post by manitz » Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:44 am

next door is converted into flats, garden divided into two. the front part fine but back part not been used for 5 or more years. Has a low (3/4ft) fence which is now rotten. We are responsible for the fence along this boundary and want to replace it along the length of both gardens.

the back part of garden has three issues which concern me and i want to sort out before replacing am contacting landlord via agents but not getting anywhere. pls can anyone advise me of my rights.
1. foxes den means earth is 1 to 2 foot above ground level, leans on and rots current fence, want cleared before i put up new fence
2. hazel tree has sprouted extra trunks right next to fence and push against it. want it cut back so it has space to sprout extra as gdn will obv be ignored in future.
3. shed disntegrating next to fence lost roof and walls starting to topple, glass dangerously about to smash to ground. if does so will go into our boundary and i have 3 small kids

i have been trying to get an answer from landlord for 2 months about him clearing the mud cutting tree and pushing shed so glass leans into his garden.

I have just suggested that we will cut back tree, dig out earth next to fence and push shed. have said if don't hear otherwise in next two weeks we'll go ahead. can't guarantee safety of tree etc as wont use aborist. are we allowed to do this? is it reasonable to go ahead? want to coincide with other work on house to save labour costs.

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