I'm paying for new fence on his boundary - problem?

I'm paying for new fence on his boundary - problem?

Postby Biffa001 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:44 am


Just moved in and my left hand boundary is owned by my neighbour as it is the bottom of his garden. There was a 6 foot hedge there but he hates looking after it and cut it down to 2 feet (before we moved in).

He's a nice, helpful chap and when I kindly told him we would be putting up a fence on our side of the boundary for safety reasons (1 yr old boy and privacy too) he was ok with that.

The day after he said if we wanted to take up the hedge so we could put the fence down the middle, in this way ensuring we dont lose any garden at all, he would be ok with that. I dont mind taking it up, I know it's saving him a job but it would be easier for the fence and look better.

There is also a concrete path already there on our side that would run alongside the fence, if we removed the hedge it would give us more room.

All I wanted to know is if we pay for the fence (which I am happy to do) but its on his boundary, does he have any rights over that fence?

Would I be safer making sure it's just on my side of the boundary? If I did that he said he would take up the hedge anyway and gain a few inches of garden (he said he would rather we take up the hedge so we dont lose any garden, he was not being funny about this).

Thanks for the help
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