back from holiday and neighbour has replaced fence SCOTLAND

back from holiday and neighbour has replaced fence SCOTLAND

Postby ladyj » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:00 pm

Just arrived back from holidays and neighbour has replaced 3ft fence with 6ft high fence with even longer stretch than original 3ft fence. Original posts of 3ft fence were on my side of garden (on my Land) and they have continued posts even further down length of my garden, to the front of the building, separating the two properties (detached).
It is also a complete mess on my side due to new holes being dug out and of course the mess left from hardened concrete. So annoyed that it has been done while I have been away and of course no consideration for ourselves or mess left behind and no consultation of it being done. This is new build house and the 3ft fence was the one put up by builder. Have not yet spoken to neighbour about it, as was giving them opportunity to come to me now that I am back, but no effort for that so far. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
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