damage caused by neighbours builders

damage caused by neighbours builders

Postby eldermia » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:28 pm

Hi, our neighbours told us they'd be replacing the fence between our properties. We were happy about this as it's damaged and was only held up by our shed. Their builders came a week early and without our permission moved things belonging to us to gain access to the fence. They have damaged our shed, our BBQ and have broken two of our paving slabs, they also re-defined the property line saying it was in the wrong place and the fence is now up to 6 inches into what was our garden! All of this was done while we were at work and we knew nothing of it until we came home. We have negotiated with our neighbours and had the fence moved back to our satisfaction however, the builders deny they have damaged anything of ours, they have been rude to my husband and said the damage was already done before they arrived. We have no pictures to prove this as we didn't know they were coming! Is there anything we can do?
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