New Build house, fence issue

New Build house, fence issue

Postby TLBEN » Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:51 pm

I moved into a New Build house 3 years ago, I am responsible for the fence on the right side & had one erected almost immediately. The problem I have is that the neighbour to the left of my house is lacking in motivation, despite subtle & not so subtle prompts, to erect one for the side they are legally responsible for.
There is currently a makeshift (bootleg, pigs ear of a) fence, crudely made from scrap wood & nails which was put there purely as a divider when the houses were built. It is buried around 6 or so inches under the ground & can be lifted out with little effort.

Does anyone know if my neighbours are legally obliged in any way to put a more permanent structure up - or is it a case of as long as there is something defining the property boundary, then that is sufficient?

Any info welcomed
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