Our Garden Fence

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Our Garden Fence

Post by Tina-Andy09 » Wed May 04, 2011 2:45 pm

We live in rented accomadation with a housing assosiation, our neighbour wants to pull our fence down and replace it with rubbish pannel stuff ((There is nothing wrong with the fence that up its in really good condition)) We said no we didnt want this to happen but he insisted so we went to the housing officer about it and they gave him the go ahead to do so in taking two panells out and to stay on his own boundery, he has since come to us and said he is taking four panels out and with a feature in his garden that he has built there is no way he is going to be able to keep to his side of the boundery. A few years ago he pulled down the hedges in the front garden and built a small wall it is still unfinished and he has gone onto our boundery so i am thinking he is going to do the same with the back garden. is there anything that we can do as tennants to stop this from happening, even though the housing manager has given him the go ahead? is there a tennants right or something, anything we can do, its going to make our garden look an absolute mess.
Another thing about the front wall boundery he has took! we cant have our own fence put in because of him taking over the boundery so we have been told but can have a fence attached to his wall, does this mean that the wall on our boundery is ours as they never maintain it and doesnt look like they are in any kind of a rush to finish it off, can we take over this small wall and finally finish it and it become our property.


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