I want a new fence!!!

I want a new fence!!!

Postby JUDITH123 » Thu Mar 31, 2005 11:39 pm

I have been trying to get our back fence mended for 2 years as we have a dog and it is not secure. The fence belongs to our neigbour. We have offered to pay for the repair but he has told us not to touch it.What he would like us to do is put a new fence up within our garden, he will then take his down and claim the difference in between. This is what happened with the neighbour on his other side, although this doesn`t seem much - 100 ft x 1 ft is quite alot of land. I downloaded the deeds of his house from Land Registry and there was condition made by his mortgage company on release of the funds, A new fence had to be put up and maintained by him within three months of his moving in. Who checks if these conditions are met?
Many Thanks J
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Postby despair » Fri Apr 01, 2005 12:00 am

Firstly its your responsibility to restrain your own dog not your neighbours

Why not simply put in a chain link fence tight up to the boundary this will secure your garden but not provide the fence your neighbour wants

Your neighbour has no right to ask or demand that you put a fence in 1ft from the boundary .........your land goes right slam tight up to his fence and you are legally entitled to put in any kind of fence you like slam up tight to his

If your other neighbour has been silly enough to set a fence back by 1ft they have only themselves to blame

If his mortgage company made it a condition that he puts in a fence since you have their name and his details why not advise them of the situation and let them deal with him
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