Property developers have built ugly 6 foot fence

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Property developers have built ugly 6 foot fence

Post by Nightstar99 » Tue May 22, 2012 11:03 am

Hello forum!

A house a couple of doors down was snapped up by property developers as a probate sale. Its a corner semi detcahed house and has road on three sides.

Like all the houses around here there is a small plot for the garden, which is walled off, and much more space for the front and side garden, which is directly adjacent to the footpath and then the road. This front and side garden space was built without boundaries, apart from hedges and trees.

Previously there were quite attractive trees around this space, but the developer has cut them down and replaced them with a very ugly 6 foot fence that directly abuts the footpath.

I know why they have done this as the extra enclosed garden space will add a lot to the value of the house, however the fact that they have not bothered to apply for planning permission, or even have the simple courtesy to ask anyone else in the street if this is ok has really annoyed me. They have been clogging up the entrance to the garage compound with their £40k cars and now built this fence to add value to their property not caring about the effect its having on everyone elses.

I would have no problem with a hedge, or even a nicer looking fence, but this just seems to be taking the mickey.

I imagine the house will be on the market again soon and would like to find out what we can do before it sells again.

I dont really want to get into an official dispute that may have to be declared when / if we want to sell our place. Will the council do anything if they are told?

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