fence damaged by council tenants

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fence damaged by council tenants

Post by cypress » Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:26 pm

hi everyone, great forum!

I need some advice regarding my fence and boundary.
My property is private as are the two properties either side of me, the property at the back of me is a council property. I installed a new fence in the back garden when I purchased my property as the existing was on its last legs, the fence is mine and my responability the problem I have is that the tenants play football in their back garden which there entitled to do but my fence is being destroyed balls through fence, balls over fence bad language these are 15,16 years olds I have spoken to the kids and parents they arent bothered they just carry on.
My fence is the only boundary fence where it meets the council property,there is no boundary fence or hedge etc on the council side so my fence gets all the impact and gets damaged regulary, should the council property have it own boundary fence? and can i get the costs of repairs back off the council?

I didnt want to but-
I installed prikka strip (put sign up) they still come over
I painted anti climb paint on prikka strip (put sign up) they didnt come over

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