6ft fence limiting my daylight!

6ft fence limiting my daylight!

Postby huntaway1 » Tue Apr 05, 2005 10:34 pm


Hope someone can offer some information as I have been searching the net with no avail.

I live in a Ground Floor flat, with two other neighbours both located on the first floor. I have direct access to my garden (unlike the others) and use it quite a bit. My immediate neighour owns the fence currently separating our gardens. This consists of 4 post and 2 strands of thick sagging wire. I mentioned to my neighbour that I would be getting a puppy and wanted to errect something to stop it wandering into his garden. I suggested Chestnut Pale fencing as it is cheap (approx 4' 0") high) also the garden is North facing and I did not want to cast any more shade into either garden than there already is. And I thought it would be an improvement on what was already there. He was not impressed by my choice of fencing and said that if it was on my side of the fence then I could do what I wanted. He also mentioned that he was looking into errecting a 6 foot fence along his fence line. My conern is that the 6ft fence would be only 1.66m from the centre of my bedroom window and would block the daylight. He said he wanted some privacy (for a garden he never uses), and would consider just having one 6ft panel flush with the wall and then 3ft for the rest of the fence line, if I contributed to the costs. Do I have any say regarding the lack of daylight into my bedroom?
Any advise would be greatfully received!
With thanks.
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Postby despair » Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:22 pm

I dont think theres anything to stop your neighbour putting in a 6ft fence unless your deeds impose limits on such things

Unless theres a serious loss of light that you have enjoyed for 20+ years i dont think you can do anything on that score either

Dont forget many dogs even small ones can easily jump over a 3ft fence
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