Neighbour illegally attached boards to my fence

Re: Neighbour illegally attached boards to my fence

Postby jdfi » Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:37 am

oorya wrote:
Rufus20 wrote:My fence is secured with met posts and 2m posts. Not all the fence has a gap under it, the garden has an incline so to get they fence straight there had to be gaps underneath. Next door's fence was a pitiful sight that I could walk straight through in 5 different places, they left it like that for more then 6 months. Their fence had no boards so the cats have been going under the fence for the 5 years that I've lived here without complaint. If they had a problem with the cats in the garden they should have done something about their own fence!

I'm super angry with next door as we went round and spoke to them 3 times while we were installing the fence to make sure we didn't upset them but they didn't have the common decency to come round and ask first! It isn't so much the cat issue as the rudeness and the stealing of my land!

Thanks despair if they don't remove them then I will unscrew each of the panels, 30m of panels, and remove the boards! Thinking about removing them anyway to put up a boundary line behind my fence! Worst case I will just remove my fence so they can see how much they like there being no fence at all!

Perhaps your neighbours have become really p*ssed off that your cats have access to their garden, I know I am fed up with several cats entering my garden and depositing their s**t.

Surely it is your responsibility to prevent your cats going through the fence not your neighbours.

Plus one.

We have a cat issue at my elderly parents' house.
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