Possible Boundary problem?

Re: Possible Boundary problem?

Postby arborlad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:05 pm

Eliza wrote:The same could be said in reverse - ie how would anyone prove they werent[b][/b] astride the boundary.

I guess you are referring to this "general boundary rule" which can go plus/minus 18" either way. But, at a guess, there are some other boundary features there that make it pretty obvious what exact inch worth that boundary line is on iyswim?

This is what Conveyancer says on the matter:
'Can we please get away from the idea that boundaries on LR plans are accurate to within 20 inches or indeed any other length? It may be the case that, according to scale, the OS plan is only accurate to within a certain distance and that the lines on the plan necessarily must have thickness.'

smile...it confuses people
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